How may I brighten your day?

I recently started working at a company that sells a product that is similar to a skylight.  For a few hours a week, I fill in for the main receptionist and answer the phone all three of the times that it rings.  For the most part, it is pretty boring and I honestly spend most of my time on the internet trying to “look” busy since they give me nothing else to do.  But something really struck me the other day as I was answering and directing the few phone calls I get.  When I was first trained in, I was told to pick up and say “Thank you for calling (insert company name), this is (my name), how may I brighten your day?”.  My initial reaction was “Seriously? I HAVE to say that? Ugh, that is kinda cheesy”.  But, the company literally sells a product that is meant to brighten peoples’ houses and days, so I went along with it. However, my attitude towards the cheesy line quickly changed as I started to notice peoples’ reactions when I said that.  Most people didn’t even notice it, and simply proceeded with their business day as usual; but every once in awhile, I would hear a person pause as if I had caught them off guard, and they would laugh or comment about the line.  Sometimes at the end of the conversation they would thank me for “brightening their day”, or would even say they hoped they had brightened mine!  Truthfully, they had! They had brought a smile to my face, and I had brought one to theirs.  I haven’t been in the corporate business world for long, but I have already seen how easily people get sucked into their work and go from task to task in almost a robotic mindset, counting down the minutes till they can clock out and rush to their car to sit in traffic.  People communicate all day long through email, phones, and texts, yet at the end of the day hardly had even one positive interaction.  So it was an amazing feeling when I realized how this rather un-ordinary greeting could actually shine a little ray of positivity into that persons day and make it feel just a little bit brighter.  In fact, what if I were to intentionally try to “brighten peoples days” more often?  What if I made and effort to brighten the day of not only the people on the phone, but also my co-workers?  What if when I got off work, my goal was to brighten the day of my boyfriend or family, or even just send a sweet text to one dear friend telling them how important they are to me? This little phrase started to affect my whole attitude as I interacted with others around me, and I am reminded every time I say it to change my mindset from simply trying to pass the time, to trying to make a good and meaningful use of the time I have here.  And I notice quite a bit more now when someone does something small that brightens my day, and I am more grateful for it then ever.  So my point then is to take a step back from the mundane and look for ways where you can interact with others and actually make their day a little better.  Maybe that is leaving a sweet note or candy for someone. Maybe it is actually taking two minutes to just write an email of appreciation and thanks.  Maybe it is simply saying something cheesy that will bring a smile to someones face when you pick up the phone.  Whatever it is, life is short, so why not interact with people in a way that blesses them whenever you get the chance.


Everyone else seems to be doing it…

Far too often I find myself with thoughts that I want to explore, express, and share with others, so I have finally decided to blog!  No one may end up reading this but my dad, but I find that if I take time to write about a thought, it helps me to develop it much deeper and to better internalize that which I have realized or am learning. So here goes!  I have fought this for too long, but have finally lost because writing is simply in my blood. Thanks a lot dad!